What Can I Expect to Pay for My Brick Paver Patio – by Michigan Brick Paver

What Can I Expect to Pay for My New Patio ? – Michigan Brick Paver Contractor

Hi, Steve Dhondt here from PMS. I’m here to answer some questions that have come online,  frequently asked questions from potential clients. One of the questions is “I only want to spend $5000 on my new patio. What can I get for that price, or do I need, need to explore other options? ”

Here at PMS we always tell people to explore all of their options. In the $5000 mark, you can get a pretty small patio with a couple of steps leading off. I would not say that you’re going to get an elevated or raised patio for that. But if it’s just something to be able to get out of the back of the house to step down onto a landing. You want that landing to last. Definitely $5000 is more than enough. Our minimum is $2500. But I would say you can get about a 300 square foot patio with a couple of steps or 350 square feet, which is plenty of area to sit and dine, enjoy your family. If you’re looking at having a patio installed and you want to spend $5000, give PMS a call at 1-800-BRICK-PAVERS. Or go to WereTheGuys.com today.

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