Why You Should Wait Until Spring for Your Brick Paver Maintenance

Deciding to have brick paver features installed on your Macomb County  property is one of the most rewarding decisions for any homeowner. They not only provide a strong and durable outdoor living space, but they also have a beautiful appearance to back it up. As a building material, it’s among the best in terms of versatility and design.

To keep enjoying all their benefits, there’s still a bit of upkeep that needs to be done. Paver maintenance activities such as surface cleaning and resealing the pavers are simple tasks you can ask a brick paver professional to do for you. And the best time to do so is during the spring. Here’s why.

Weather Conditions Are Easier to Work With

Since most brick paver features are used for outdoor spaces, they’re naturally exposed to the elements. That means any maintenance activities will have to keep those outdoor conditions in mind. For example, if there’s a lot of snow piled up, it may be best to just postpone the work to another time.

It’s not a good idea to force the paver maintenance work when the conditions don’t favor it. Not only can the activity be not as effective compared to warmer seasons, but it can also lead to major damage to the structure. If there’s no immediate need for the work to be done, have it done in the spring instead.

Low Temperatures and Moisture Can Undo the Work

The warmer weather during the spring doesn’t just make it easier for the contractor to actually do the work. Brick pavers sealants that may be necessary during the maintenance can only be used at certain temperatures. If it’s too cold, this substance that is supposed to retain the beauty of your brick pavers can actually ruin it.

Aside from that, existing moisture is also an issue. It can be difficult to fully dry the brick paver surface and its underlying structure if the weather is too cold. If you go ahead and apply sealer while moisture is still trapped underneath, it can cause staining or clouding up of the surface.

Stains Are More Likely During Winter

Not waiting until spring is just setting yourself up for failure. The conditions during winter simply aren’t compatible with paver maintenance work. Aside from the difficulty of removing existing moisture, precipitation such as rain or snowfall is more likely. If the work is not finished and it happens to get caught in the rain or snow, again, this leads to unwanted discoloration and stains.

The cold temperatures can also make the sealer crystalize when it is applied on the brick paver surface which causes it to turn white. Soon, you’ll see white splotches all over the place that are both ugly and costly to fix.

The Risk of Additional Expenses Are Lower in the Spring

The risks aren’t just about ruining the look of your brick paved structure. Aside from the money wasted on failed maintenance work, there’s also the cost of repairing this failure. You’ll be paying twice for work that could easily have been done if you waited for just a month or two.

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