One of the benefits to brick pavers compared to other pavement options, are they can be picked up and re-laid with any noticeable patches and at minimal cost.  If there are particular areas of your brick  paver system that have settled, they can be restored to their original surface.  Settling can be caused for a variety of reasons.  There are several options that can restore the brick pavers original surface, depending on the cause and extent to which it has been damaged.  For the cases with minimal damage, we would simply take up the brick pavers and add more base sand to level the pavers.  If there was more serious damage, we would take up the brick pavers to add not only the sand, but also add compacted 21AA.  Now in the most extreme situations, we would do the above but we would also remove the gravel, excavate deeper, and also install more compacted 21AA.  In the past adhesive materials were used to keep the brick paver, stairs, and wall caps to retaining walls in place.  This, however, was substandard.  Within the past few years there have been improvements to improve the life expectancy to the adhesives and conditions and how they can be used.  There are loose steps or wall caps, we can re-install them using adhesives which make them last longer.

The black plastic and metal edging around your brick pavers will tend to work it’s way through the grass and above the soldier course of your brick pavers presenting an unattractive appeal.  This is commonly due to the settling and use of your brick paver system because in time the spikes are shoved out of the ground throughout each year.  One option would be to remove this altogether and install mortar around the soldier course with minimum damage to the lawn itself, or the areas surrounding it.

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