When new brick pavers are being installed, base preparation is the most important step.  At the beginning of this process, we recommend brick paver patios and brick paver walkways be dug out 7 inches and then filled with 21AA, compacted every 2 to 3 inches.  After this is completed, the next step in the brick paver installation process will require slag sand.  Slag sand is used to level the brick paver project and should be done to a maximum of 1 to 2 inches.  If you were looking for a substitute for the slag sand, an alternative that can be used is 2 NS. With either product, it will secure your brick paver project for the years to come.  If  you are installing a brick paver driveway, the area should be dug out at least 12 inches.  Once the base is leveled, the brick pavers are then layered and the soilder course (the end units) are held together by a cement restraint. Lastly, sand is set on top for the final compaction, which keeps the brick pavers in place.

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