Hi. Steve Dhondt here, from PMS. I’m here to answer some online questions that our potential clients have. One of the questions was, “My front walk is plain white cement, well it used to be. Now it’s heaving all over the place and discolored and stained. Can I fix it, or should I rip it out and do new?”

Absolutely. You can fix the heaving by these companies that come out with the hydraulic cement. Myself personally, and the way I feel, that’s definitely a temporary fix. You don’t know what’s going on underneath those soils and they’re pumping that full of fly ash so it raises and elevates your problem but it’s not taking care of the problem of why this is washed out in the first place.

Myself personally I would rip that out. You can again do concrete or if you did brick paving we could absolutely help you there. On those smaller scale projects like a walkway generally we are less expensive on the smaller brick paver projects than a concrete project obviously having to return to that project for installing the concrete, cutting the concrete and what have you.

Fix a Cement Walkway or Replace it? by Macomb County Brick Paver


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