4 Maintenance Tips to Help Your Brick Pavers Last

For outdoor spaces, brick pavers are a perfect choice in Macomb County. They have vibrant color, intricate patterns, and unyielding strength. If you’ve invested in a brick paver patio, deck, walkway, driveway or any other structure, you’ve made the right choice.

But if you want to keep enjoying their benefits for years to come, there are a few things to keep in mind. Paver maintenance activities such as basic cleanup and resealing plus regular inspections can go a long way into not just extending the life of the structure but in keeping their appearance good as new as well.

Here are a few tips to help make your pavers last.

Restore Faded Brick Pavers

After a brick paved structure is installed, they are usually sealed for added protection. A special substance is used as a sealer to prevent excess moisture from seeping through the surface of the structure. The sealer also helps preserve the vibrant color of the brick pavers.

Over time, about a year or so, you may notice that the color of the brick paver surface becomes dull. This is a sign that your brick pavers may need to be resealed. This is a simple and routine procedure that a brick paver contractor can help you out with.

Remove Built Up Dirt

As with any outdoor structure, it’s difficult to avoid getting it dirty. Debris, grime, and stains are simply unavoidable. But just because they’re unavoidable doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take steps to clean them up.

Simple soapy water can be used every so often to remove simple stains to keep your brick pavers looking sharp. Just soak the surface for a few minutes and use a brush to sweep the dirt away.

Get a Deeper Clean

For hard to remove stains that just won’t go away using regular soap and water, the best option is to use a pressure washer. It can get rid of even years’ worth of built-up stains in one fell swoop. If you want to really restore your brick pavers, this is the method to use.

But pressure washing requires the use of special equipment. Also, it’s not recommended to pressure wash a brick paver surface too often because it can actually do more harm than good. So instead of buying the equipment and doing it on your own, it will be more effective, in terms of results and cost, to have the experts do it instead.

Keep an Eye Out

As a Macomb County homeowner, it is your responsibility to keep your property in good shape. You have to make sure that any issues are dealt with quickly to prevent them from escalating further. Of course, when it comes to your brick paved features, the same is also true.

Regular maintenance is an opportunity to not just cleanup your brick pavers but also for catching any issues that need to be repaired. Use that time to spot any issues so they can be fixed before they cause bigger headaches. Cracks, loose pavers, or shifting are common issues to look for.

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These are just the basics when it comes to keeping your brick pavers in top condition. If you need help with repair or maintenance of your brick pavers, contact PMS Brick Pavers for a FREE QUOTE on paver maintenance and repair. We’ll make sure that your outdoor features always look as good as the day they were built.